Friday, April 7, 2017

A Connection with the 1917 Baths and Lavatories Committee

During the period leading up to the launch of my book, Down at the Baths, many interesting stories started emerging, but one story in particular deserves mention.

Back in 1917 when the Palmerston North Municipal Baths were constructed and opened, they were administered by Council's Baths and Lavatories Committee. The chairman of that committee was Cr H.E. Bennett, but it is another member of that group that I wish to remember today.

One hundred years after the opening of the baths, local city councillor Adrian Broad made an exciting discovery. His great, great uncle, E.L. Broad, was a member of the Baths and Lavatories Committee in 1917 and his name can be seen engraved on the commemorative opening day plaque.

Cr. Adrian Broad must feel very proud to be able to serve the people of the Palmerston North community one hundred years after his great, great uncle was doing the same.

The photo of the opening day plaque pictured here was taken by Pat Scrivens and is on display in the foyer of the Palmerston North Lido Aquatic Centre.

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